Day by day program / June, 2011

Centre Pompidou .


MCM 2011

Mathematics and Computation in Music

The third international conference Mathematics and Computation in Music (MCM 2011), is a multi-disciplinary platform dedicated to the communication and exchange of ideas among people who use mathematics in the arts, computer music, music theory, composition, and musicology.

"Mathematics build systems of symbols to satisfy needs that are partly practical, party aesthetic"
Henri Poincaré, La Science et l’Hypothèse

The different presentations, workshops, panels, and posters throughout the conference will coincide with events for the general public that promote scientific culture and its relationship with the arts, and more specifically, with music. To shed light on the relationship between creative vision and conceptual precision, the art of deduction and the power of founding, this encounter brings together scientists and philosophers (Alain Connes, Alain Badiou, Jean-Marc Lévy-Leblond, Yves Hellegouarch, Jean-Paul Allouche, Claude Bruter, Jean-Claude Risset, Guerino Mazzola, etc.), artists (Pierre Boulez, Jacques Mandelbrojt, Tom Johnson, etc.), and computer scientists (Stephen Wolfram and others).

At a time when France's excellence in research is affirmed with Fields metals in 2010 (Cédric Villani and Ngô Bao Châu), universcience and IRCAM will welcome for the first time a conference for the general public on mathematics and music at the Palais de la découverte. This conference inaugurates the collaboration between the researchers at IRCAM and the scientific educators at the Palais de la découverte. The MCM 2011 conference will end with a round-table discussion that will bring together the mathematician, physicists, artists, and researchers on the subject of the relationship between the arts and the sciences.

This multidisciplinary extension can be seen in the exhibition dedicated to François Morellet at the Centre Pompidou whose work has been analyzed from a mathematical point of view and in the "Mathematics in Art" exposition organized at the Palais de la découverte by the ESMA in collaboration with IRCAM. Interactive platforms that let mathematical structures in music and in the arts be manipulated, designed and produced by researchers, will be an important element of this exposition. As a counterpoint to these events open to the general public, a concert series will present works of composers who use mathematical models to expressive ends.

Organizing Committee MCM 2011
Carlos Agon, IRCAM/CNRS | Emmanuel Amiot, CPGE, Perpignan | Moreno Andreatta, IRCAM/CNRS | Gérard Assayag, IRCAM/CNRS | Jean Bresson, IRCAM/CNRS | Sylvie Benoit, IRCAM


Through May 15th, 2011
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After May 15th, 2011
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* Access to the MCM2011 including Springer Proceedings, the concert on June 15, Mathematics/Music: Kontakte, and reduced prices for all the other concerts
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Registration fees remain unchanged for one, two or all conference days.
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MCM 2011 is organized under the aegis of the Society for Mathematics and Computation in Music (SMCM) and the Société Mathématique de France (SMF), in partnership with the Centre Pompidou and the Palais de la découverte, a  Universcience venue, in collaboration with CIE (Computability in Europe), ESMA (European Society for Mathematics and Arts), with the support of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the CNRS, UMPC, Afim (French Association of Computer Music) and the Sfam (French Society of Musical Analysis).

Illustration: Filliou Robert EINS.UN.ONE..., 1984
Painted wood (work composed of 16000 dice of different colors and sizes). Coll. Mamco, Geneva. # 8503 © Mamco, Geneva. Photo: I. Kalkkinen, Geneva


From Wednesday, 15 to Friday, June 17, 2011, 9:30am-6:30pm / IRCAM & Centre Pompidou