Day by day program / June, 2011


from Wednesday, 8 to Friday, June 10

Luna Park

See without being seen... this is the dramatic motor of Luna Park. The four separate players have no contact with each other except through "circuits": microphones, surveillance cameras, screens, loudspeakers.

from Wednesday, 15 to Friday, June 17

MCM 2011

Mathematics and Computation in Music

The third international conference Mathematics and Computation in Music (MCM 2011), is a multi-disciplinary platform dedicated to the communication and exchange of ideas among people who use mathematics in the arts, computer music, music theory, composition, and musicology.

Wednesday, June 15

Creativity in Music and Mathematics

Pierre Boulez & Alain Connes

Encounter with two major figures of musical creation and contemporary mathematical research: Pierre Boulez and Alain Connes.

Wednesday, June 15

Mathematics-Music: Kontakte

In the reflection between mathematics and music, the works performed during this evening's concert reveal several artistic attitudes.

Friday, June 17 and Saturday, 18

Urban Musical Game

The interface for the interactive system Urban Musical Game is a game that will be held in the place Igor-Stravinsky in front of IRCAM.